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 ⊶ Social Media ⊷

Facebook - Li Kandel
Majority of artwork updates are here. To be notified of new posts, click like/follow.

YouTube - lierrre
Channel features compilations of past work. Due to requests, currently filming actual creation processes. Subscribe for updates.

Twitter - LierreK
A platform I visit sporadically for a while, then forget about for a while, rinse, repeat. Feel free to connect.

eBay - art.lierre
Not technically social media, but my main original sales venue and has been important for networking.

Linkedin - Lierre Kandel
Past work experience, current networking. Happy to connect with those in related fields.

Etsy - Lierre
Not very active, but occasionally post sales. To be notified of new additions available there, you can favorite the shop.

Pinterest - LierreK
Pinned mandalas and other coloring pages shown colored in, and other colorful stuff. Pass it on!

Instagram - LierreBug
This is not a thing I do yet but it is here. If you want to be in touch on it whenever I might become active, let's connect.