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 ⊶ Patrons⇝ Free ⊷

Even just a $1 pledge on Patreon is an appreciated gesture of support. I understand that there are many people struggling just as much as or more than I am though, and no one who is entertained by my work or who uses the free digital items such as coloring pages or Facebook headers should feel obliged to offer anything in return. I have specifically put myself out into the world in a way that everyone can enjoy what I create, whether they can afford to financially support the efforts or not. If you cannot contribute money but still want to help, there are a couple things you may be able to do. You can also help support other artists with these tips.

• Like or leave another reaction on posts. This helps increase visibility on timelines, so that more people might see it.
• Leave a comment, every activity on a post keeps it active!
• If you print and color any of my coloring pages, post it! I'd love to see it, and it might get others interested in checking out my stuff. Plus, it is always encouragement for me to continue making new designs for people to color.
• Consider sharing posts, or even just tagging friends in the comments sections, if you think they'd enjoy the content.
• Invite friends or acquaintances that you think would have fun following my art page to come over.
• If you'd like to introduce someone to me individually online, I'm happy to welcome them.
• Also a creator? I'm happy to exchange page likes/follows and try to engage posts of your work as well, everything can be an inspiration.

• Subscribe! Number of subscriptions, views, likes, etc can determine placement and visibility for YouTube channels.
• Check out my videos, even just viewing them helps.
• If you like a video, give it a thumbs up.
• Leave a note if you have a moment, comments increase activity on my channel.
• Consider sharing, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or even just privately to friends you think might like seeing my work.

• Feel free to pin images of my artwork to your boards, be sure to include my name and the source (eg, my website, Facebook page, etc).

General Social Media:
• Obviously, all follows, likes, favorites, shares, and comments are more than none!

• Let people know about my website or social media accounts. Maybe they would find my paintings, drawings, and sketches interesting. If they are fellow artists, they might even find inspiration. If you've purchased from me in the past and have received some extra business cards, or little gift that you have copies of or don't want to keep for yourself, feel free to pass them on.