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These are drawings done with pen and ink or ink wash. I first became comfortable using fountain and dip pens in order to learn calligraphy. The different types of inks and nibs interested me and it eventually turned into drawing. It is my favorite medium for free-hand and automatic drawing.

My main medium for many years, watercolor is what I've used to finish hundreds of paintings, which have been sold and shipped all over the world to over 15 countries. It remains my favorite medium overall as I have always considered it a challenge due to not being able to simply cover up anything once painted and like using it in non-traditional styles, but has become difficult to use properly as my health has declined in the past two years, for the same characteristic that made me like it so much, of not being able to easily correct errors.

Oil & Acrylic
This selection of paintings has been combined into one gallery section for the time being, as I have only recently begun to paint with them. The medium used for each can be found in the caption of the image by clicking on the thumbnail. I primarily paint on wood with these.